Make The Most Of Retirement

Financial Service Provided:

RETIREMENT INCOME DESIGN Retirement is funded only one way... with cash. Cash from savings, cash from pension sources, cash from asset sales and cash from investment income or annuity payments. A retired individual transitions from their "accumulation" stage in life to a "distribution" stage. This stage of life requires you to reassess your investment strategy now that passive income has become a priority. Passive income is needed to pay for living expenses, for discretionary spending, and for charitable intentions. Cash truly earns it's "king" status for the retiree. There are numerous strategies and methodologies to create passive cash flow from your assets. From systematic withdrawals, to "bucket" spend downs, to laddered bonds to dividend payments. There are options. Determining which one, or combination of, is most suitable to meet your needs should be carefully analyzed and reviewed. Allow a Ranch Cap CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to review your strategy and help you determine if you can maximize your income even more.